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Main objective of Solpor Fisterra is the enhancement of the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, as a first-rate tourist resource.

Solpor Fisterra recovers and updates all the ancient knowledge associated with the Sun, King of the Sky from which the planets and life on Earth come from. An approach from multiple disciplines (physics, anthropology, art, biology, geography…) to that entity of worship for our ancestors that remains until today.

Solpor Fisterra asks different questions:

How would an observer located at Cape Fisterra perceive the changing relative movement of the Sun throughout the year? At what points on the horizon would sunsets occur at the solstices and equinoxes for this observer? Is Death Cost the last place in continental Europe where the sun hides? What is the green ray?

Through the production of innovative audio-visual content (live video, time-lapses, photographs…), Solpor Fisterra aims to answer all these questions.

With videos and pictures, we will show how throughout the 365 days of the year the Sun describes in sunsets a horizontal movement on the horizon, from left to right and vice versa, forming a 66 degrees angle with respect to the observer, being the Equinoxes in the centre and solstices at the ends, as shown in the following figure:

We will promote the involvement of people in the creation of new audiovisual content, fostering meetings among fans of science, photography, astronomy, and continued communication through our social networks.

We are looking for the exchange of experiences of our audience. We will facilitate communication during the collective show that sunset gifts, either by being present in Cabo Fisterra (sharing your experience), or by accessing our live broadcast channel via Internet, being able to share impressions of the show with people from anywhere in the world.



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