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Solpor Fisterra

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We have admired the Sun for centuries. King of the Sky from which the planets and life itself on planet Earth come. A source of energy that feeds us physically and psychologically. A devotion entity for our forebears, that remains from ancestors until today, even as a tourist attraction.

Because the Sun runs parallel to our lives during the year, from solstices to equinoxes, from December 21 to June 21, and vice versa, the star travels through the skies, lengthening or shortening the life of the day and night, governing the change of seasons, plantations, harvests… the survival, in short, of the human being. Those variable moments that the position of the Sun draws on the horizon are also referents of the landscape.

It is obvious that magic and beauty of the sunsets are a natural resource of great tourist potential for many areas, especially rural towns with a valuable natural and cultural heritage to enhance. The creation of innovative and quality audio-visual content around the phenomenon of sunset in these spaces, provides visibility that will undoubtedly enhance and place the destination on the map.



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