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If there’s a place in the world where the sun acquires a magical dimension, this is Cape Fisterra, a real emblem of Death Cost and the Way of Saint James. End of the land for the Roman Empire. A legendary past that its own name expresses, set deep in a unique, natural, scenic and cultural place.

The Roman historian Lucio Aneo Floro (c. 74– c. 130) relates how the Roman general Décimo Junio Bruto Galaico (180 BC – 113 BC), after conquering Gallaecia (comprising Galicia and about half from the north of Portugal), he arrived at what he believed to be the end of the known world, the Finis Terrae, and he did not want to leave without first seeing the sun sink into the mare tenebrosum.

This scene occurred, quite possibly, in the Promontorium Nerium, the westernmost area of peninsular Spain that is currently known as Death Cost.

On Death Cost is the town of Fisterra, on whose famous cape (of the same name) hundreds of tourists gather at different moments of the year to contemplate that magical minutes of sunset.



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